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plaqueMilford Presbyterian Church was not always the “Church on the Corner” as we know it today. Built in 1836, it was once a small, white, one room building like many churches of that day, on what is now known as GM Road and was named “The Church Over the River.”

The bell in our tower was cast in 1876 and is marked as a centennial bell. Through the commitment of the founding elders and trustees of two churches, the United Congregational Church and the Presbyterian Church, and through their stewardship, the “Church on the Corner” came to be.

When the current building was originally built, it had two front entrances: a north entrance used by those families who lived north of the river, and a south entrance used by those families who lived south of the river.

As generations passed, the need to expand became apparent. The steeple was changed. The Promise Land was added, along with the Chapel and Fellowship Hall. It was through the commitment and stewardship of MPC’s members that these changes happened.