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hymnal1Why do we need a new hymnal?

For about a decade, we have been singing from The Celebration Hymnal. This hymnal was published at a time (1997) when “blended” worship was rising in popularity (blended worship incorporates both traditional and contemporary musical elements into a single service) and was specifically designed to facilitate this particular style of worship. Additionally, Celebration was created to have broad appeal among evangelical churches. For these two reasons, The Celebration Hymnal is a less-than-adequate fit for our worship.

Why did we choose “Glory to God”?

In 2013, the Presbyterian Church (USA) published a new hymnal—our first new hymnal in twenty-three years—entitled Glory to God: The Presbyterian Hymnal. The musical content of this hymnal is much more in keeping with our style of worship, and the hymns make use of language and themes that are drawn from the Reformed theological tradition—our tradition. Some of the advantages of this new hymnal include:

  • a wider range of theological themes;
  • a host of entirely new hymns and songs;
  • more resources for the seasons of the church year (e.g., Advent and Lent);
  • a greater emphasis on the sacraments and the central themes of the Reformed tradition;
  • gender inclusive language in reference to humanity;
  • a reproducible large-print edition; and
  • resources for projection in worship.

How can I help?

This important transition is also a costly one. Will you consider making a contribution toward our purchase of this new worship resource? For every $30 you contribute, a hymnal will be dedicated to a person of your choosing. Click the button below to make a contribution.