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Our worship services can be viewed via live stream at 10:00 am every Sunday morning.

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Reservations Are Required

As we continue to navigate the challenges of a global pandemic, worship does not look and feel quite the way we are accustomed to. The information below outlines what you can expect if you decide to join us in person for worship. Our services are also always available online.


Health Screening

What to Expect

Please stay home if you are feeling sick

We are creating as safe an environment for worship as possible, but we cannot eliminate all risk of virus transmission. Even very mild symptoms can increase the chances of exposing others in your church family to the virus.

Masks covering mouth and nose are required

Everyone (age 5 and older) inside the church building is expected to wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose at all times. Disposable masks will be made available for anyone who needs one.

All worshipers will need to RSVP

In order to ensure that we can maintain proper social distancing, we are limiting the number of people who can attend worship. If you are on our eNews email list, you will receive an email each Tuesday morning with instructions for how to RSVP for the following Sunday. If it is a challenge for you to use the online reservation system, please call the church office during normal hours (Tuesday - Friday, 9 am - 2 pm). The Café will be available for overflow seating if the Sanctuary reaches capacity.

All worshipers will need to fill out a brief health questionnaire

On the morning that you attend worship, you will be required to fill out an online form with a few yes-or-no questions to help ensure that no one who is experiencing symptoms of any illness is present for worship.

Church doors will open at 9:40

We ask that everyone use the front doors to enter the building. The doors will remain locked until 9:40 am. There will be no coffee hour or structured fellowship time indoors.

Sanctuary pews will be marked to indicate seating locations

A member of our Welcome Team will assist you in finding a seat. Please make sure to keep appropriate distance between your party and any others seated nearby.

There will be no choral or congregational singing.

For the time being, music will continue to be led by a single vocalist and the congregation will not sing along. The congregation is invited to speak unison parts (e.g., Call to Worship, Prayer of Confession, etc.).

There will be a structured dismissal at the end of the worship service.

Members of our Welcome Team will dismiss one row at a time in the sanctuary in order to prevent congestion in the center aisle or on the stairs. Please plan to remain seated through the end of the Postlude.

The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper is celebrated on the first Sunday of every month.

What is the Lord's Supper?

The Lord’s Supper enacts and seals what the Word proclaims: God’s sustaining grace offered to all people. The Lord’s Supper is at once God’s gift of grace, God’s means of grace, and God’s call to respond to that grace. Through the Lord’s Supper, Jesus Christ nourishes us in righteousness, faithfulness, and discipleship. Through the Lord’s Supper, the Holy Spirit renews the Church in its identity and sends the Church to mission in the world.

When we gather at the Lord’s Supper the Spirit draws us into Christ’s presence and unites with the Church in every time and place. We join with all the faithful in heaven and on earth in offering thanksgiving to the triune God. We reaffirm the promises of our baptism and recommit ourselves to love and serve God, one another, and our neighbors in the world.

[from the PC(USA) Directory for Worship]

Who can partake?

The opportunity to eat and drink with Christ is not a right bestowed upon the worthy, but a privilege given to the undeserving who come in faith, repentance, and love. All who come to the table are offered the bread and cup, regardless of their age or understanding.

[from the PC(USA) Directory for Worship]