Sunday School

Every Sunday we seek to provide the children of our church with an engaging and fun experience, no matter what their age. The goal of Sunday School is very simple: to teach children that God loves them and that the church is their family. With age-appropriate tools, our teachers are prepared week-in and week-out to help children grow in their understanding of those two basic truths.

We want to be sure we know to expect your children in Sunday School so that their teachers can make them feel welcome! And we want to be able to communicate with you as needed throughout the year. Click the button below to register your children online.

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Birth - 36 months | Room 206

Children can be dropped off at the nursery as soon as you arrive on Sunday morning, or at any time during the service. Click here for more information.


Age 3 - Pre-Kindergarten | Room 212

This class is designed specifically for kids who are transitioning from the Nursery into Sunday School. Instruction will focus on key stories from the Bible, and there will plenty of structured and free playtime—just what kids this age need!

Kindergarten, First, and Second

Room 216

We are introducing a new curriculum this year which will tie biblical stories to real-life situations played out in a weekly video in compelling and entertaining ways by a fun group of cartoon characters. Children will engage the stories through a children's story Bible and age-appropriate discussion.

Third, Fourth, and Fifth

Room 224

Our older children will also be using our new curriculum, with videos and materials that are suitable for children their age. This group will engage the biblical stories by actively exploring the pages of Scripture in a complete Bible that is full of tools and tips to help them connect with the material.