Thank you for considering a financial gift to the ministry and life of Milford Presbyterian Church. Please complete the form below for both your annual commitment and your three-year campaign commitment. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Anderson or our Treasurer, Harold Swenson. For more information about the Rise Up campaign, click here.

These commitments are statements of your intended giving. Your commitments are confidential and may be revised or cancelled as circumstances dictate.

I would like to make a one-year commitment to the ministry of the church for 2019.
I would like to make a three-year commitment to the Rise Up campaign.

Annual Ministry Commitment

This represents your one-year commitment to the ongoing work, worship, and ministry of Milford Presbyterian Church.

Rise Up! Capital Campaign Commitment

This represents your three-year commitment to the Rise Up campaign, which seeks to address important building improvements and our recent property acquisition.