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The Call

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Samuel (Part 2)

God calls Samuel with an audible voice, much the way we wish God would speak to us today. But there's more to this story than a booming divine voice—it reminds us that God is still calling to us, still speaking today.

We are thrilled to welcome Czapski Catering, who is our new tenant at 210 N Main Street. According to a write-up by Jim Crane:

Lisa Hanlin is a much sought after caterer in southeast Michigan, and will focus her efforts in the month of May adapting her Catering business to her new kitchen located at 210 N Main Street, Milford Michigan. At the same time she is excited to make plans to offer her Polish, Mexican, and American foods to customers either as “ Slow Food to Go” or “eat in” in the renovated dining room.

You can find more information on her Facebook page.