Envisioning an exciting future of worship and service

Milford Presbyterian Church is in the midst of an exciting season of imagination, planning, and commitment. We are working toward a unifying and energizing vision for the future of our life together, and we are giving of ourselves to make sure that our building is adequate to the growing needs of our ministry.

We are thrilled to welcome Czapski Catering, who is our new tenant at 210 N Main Street. According to a write-up by Jim Crane:

Lisa Hanlin is a much sought after caterer in southeast Michigan, and will focus her efforts in the month of May adapting her Catering business to her new kitchen located at 210 N Main Street, Milford Michigan. At the same time she is excited to make plans to offer her Polish, Mexican, and American foods to customers either as “ Slow Food to Go” or “eat in” in the renovated dining room.

You can find more information on her Facebook page.

On Tuesday, April 17, we signed papers and officially closed on the property at 210 North Main Street. Effective immediately, this property may be used by church members and visitors for parking during any and all church activities and worship services. In the meantime, representatives of the Finance & Facilities Committee are working diligently to lease the restaurant to a tenant.

At a special meeting of the congregation after worship on Sunday, March 25, the congregation unanimously approved the proposed purchase of the property at 210 North Main Street. The purchase will be finalized by session at a special session meeting on Tuesday, April 3, once all inspection reports have been received and reviewed. 

If you have questions or would like specific information regarding the terms of the purchase, please contact Pastor Anderson.

Sunday, March 25, after worship

For the purpose of approving the purchase of the property at 210 North Main Street

As the Finance & Facilities Committee and the session have been working toward a plan for our building over the last year or more, one consistent message that we have received from a variety of trusted, independent sources is that we must address our parking challenges if we have hopes of growing in membership and expanding our ministries. The Campaign Feasibility Review provided by John Laster also revealed this to be a very high priority for the members of the church.

The session has taken the first major step in this direction, entering into a contract to purchase the property just south of the church building, which will provide us with dozens of parking spaces.

The session will ask for the congregation's approval of this purchase at the congregational meeting one week from Sunday. At this meeting, the full details of the purchase will be presented, along with our plan to pay for and manage the property. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and share comments.

Please plan to join us on March 25 and be a part of this exciting step that we are taking as a church into the future that God is opening for us.

In November 2017, the session hired the Rev. John Laster of Horizons Stewardship to conduct a study of the congregation to determine the feasibility of a capital fundraising campaign for building improvements. Through in-person interviews and congregation-wide survey participation, John received feedback from more than seventy member households. He also took a careful look at our membership and financial data. On Sunday, February 25, 2018, John shared his findings with the congregation (nearly 100 people stayed after worship that day to hear his report). Using the buttons below, you can access the report itself, as well as the video recording of his presentation.

Campaign Feasibility Review

Presentation Video