The Christian Education & Youth Committee is responsible for structuring and evaluating the educational programs for all children and youth of the church. This committee recruits and trains church school teachers, provides materials and develops curriculum to support the study program. Areas of responsibility include the church school, youth programs, and special fellowship and growth programs.

Moderator: Barb Strnad

The Finance & Facilities Committee is responsible for developing and tracking the budget, income and expenditures of the church. The committee counts and records the member contributions and directs the publication of financial statements and reports. The committee also provides for a financial review of the church's finances. It also supports the church by seeing that the physical property of the church is maintained in the best manner possible to support its ministry.

Moderator: David Williams

The Membership & Fellowship Committee is responsible for planning, coordinating, and evaluating activities to enrich the lives of adult members. They also oversee the membership process, welcoming and nurturing new members.

Moderators: Kathy Donn & Sandi Muirhead

The Personnel & Policy Committee is responsible for oversight of staff in cooperation with the senior pastor. Duties include regular updates of relationship, and annual performance reviews of the church staff. This committee also recommends salaries of all staff for approval by the session and then by the congregation for installed ministers.

The Mission Committee works to find ways to engage church members in active service in our community and beyond. They also make decisions about how our church's benevolences are distributed.

Moderators: Virginia MantelaGinny O'Brien

The Nominating Committee proposes candidates for church officer positions (Ruling Elder and Deacon) and at-large Members of the Nominating Committee.

Moderator: Bruce Gilbert

The Worship & Music Committee is responsible for assisting the pastor and staff in the design of effective worship services. This includes music, special worship services, and ecumenical services. The committee provides oversight of the ushering, acolyte, the serving of communion, and other activities related to worship.

Moderator: Beth Burgess